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We ran across this place by accident.  We were actually searching for a little market in Kapaa that served up the famous Hawaiian "Plate Lunch" when we saw this place and couldn't resist the temptation.

This is a saimin place.  Saimin are egg noodles.  This little, very casual spot on the main drag has a noodle menu that will blow your head off.  But take your time and give it a good going over.  And if you have questions, your Asian server speaks just enough English to get the job done.

Obviously - A Very Casual Place!

Above and beyond noodle dishes, they serve up everything from hamburgers to fish 'n chips to other mainstream dishes.  But from what we saw on our fellow diners' plates, this is a place where you come for the noodles.

We ordered an appetizer called "monkey baskets" to start with and they were good.  They came to the table no longer than 90 seconds after we had ordered them.  Basically, they were fried wontons stuffed with pork, a water chestnut, some cream cheese and other goodies.  Before we could even get half way through these, or main noodle dishes suddenly appeared!

I ordered the saimin "extra special" and my wife got the regular.  Our dishes came with a wonderful, rich soup broth, which was fine.  My "extra special" just had a few more items including a hardboiled egg cut in half.  You'd think an egg in a soup/noodle dish would taste awful but it was really quite good!

My "Extra Special" Noodle Dish

Each steaming bowl had the broth, six shrimp, and loads of noodles.  Cindy's had a couple of wontons.  Mine had some extra dumplings stuffed with a rich curry and fish paste.  Both were outstanding and really filling.  I couldn't eat all of mine.  Cindy barely finished her dish.

The noodles come with green tea although we opted for diet sodas since we had been trekking around in the hot sun and needed to cool off.

Based on our one experience here, we'd highly recommend this place.  But it is casual.  Boxes on the floor in the kitchen, etc.  And if you're not good with chopsticks, maybe you could con them into giving you a fork!

The House of Noodles is located on the main drag in downtown Kapaa.  It's a really tiny town.  Can't miss the joint!


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