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While there's a strong Italian influence in Detroit's eastern suburbs there aren't a heck of a lot of Chinese spots.  While many leave a lot to be desired in terms of cleanliness and taste, this one's pretty good and perhaps the best in this part of town.

Prices here are very reasonable.  One Friday afternoon my wife and I stopped by for lunch.  We started out with two spring rolls to get our appetites going.  They were dangerously hot as in temperature, they way they should be!  They were good but maybe could have used a little more flavor.

For our main courses we each got a lunch combo platter.  My wife chose the sweet and sour pork and I went with shrimp broccoli.

Each lunch combo came with a cup of soup, fried rice and an egg roll.  My wife got the sweet and sour soup and I sipped egg drop.  Both were good.

My shrimp broccoli was good.  The sauce was seasoned just perfectly with salt.  There were probably 10 medium to large shelled shrimp in the dish and these guys were almost certainly from Asia as about 96% of all shrimp sold in this country come from China, Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand.  Anyway the shrimp were perfectly cooked.  The dish also had a ton of fresh broccoli (thus the name broccoli shrimp) and fresh carrots.

My wife's sweet and sour pork was fried perfectly and the sweet and sour sauce was very good.  Her dish also came with fresh veggies and she said she found them a little on the undercooked side.  Personally, I thought they were perfect.  I like a little crunch in mine.

Both of our lunches came with a mile high pile of fried rice and egg roll.  The rice was nice but nothing special.  The most disappointing thing on the plate was the egg roll.  I suspect it had been fried earlier.  It was just not crispy and hot like it should have been.

While we will most certainly return to the House of Chan, we both agreed that just about all dishes could have been more tasty with garlic or something.

Prices were great.  My shrimp broccoli combo was just $6.50.  My wife's sweet and sour pork was only $5.50.  These are lunch prices.  Add a buck or two for dinner portions.

Tucked in the center of the menu is a separate Thai menu written on plain paper.  I really wanted to try something from it but I'm a big fan of Thai and was afraid I'd be disappointed.   Maybe I'll get brave and try some Thai there one of these days!

We both left the restaurant feeling well fed!  Based on our first visit, so far, we can most certainly recommend this place to you.