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This is part of a chain and in this particular case, the restaurant was located in the casino area of the Mandalay Bay Resort in Vegas.  We've been tempted to dine at the HOB several times around the country but for some reason got distracted and wound up eating somewhere else.

There were two entrances to the restaurant and getting in was a bit weird.  We walked past one and a sign directed us to use the other entrance.  When we approached the entrance that appeared to be open, somebody quickly whipped out a sign saying to use the other entrance.  When we swung around to the other entrance (which still had a "use the other entrance" sign out) they seemed surprised pointing to the sign.  When we told them that we were directed to this entrance, they finally let us in but they still looked a bit puzzled.

Upon being seated our experience was most pleasant.  We had a really perky and friendly server who obviously enjoyed working there.  We ordered drinks and began studying the menu.

We started off with an order of Dungeness crab dip with chips.  This was the only disappointment of the evening.  The dip tasted really fishy and it went largely uneaten.  Our main meals came a little bit too quickly had we wanted to linger over the appetizer. 

For my meal I chose fish and chips but this was a different twist.  Instead of using the standard cod or hake or Pollock, this rendition came with catfish in beer batter.  And it was extremely well prepared with crisp batter and moist, tender, flakey fish on the inside.  Another diner ordered the baby back ribs and said they were good.  My wife ordered meatloaf and raved about it.  Our son had fried chicken and enjoyed it.  Our 8 year old grandson, Jake, wolfed down a grilled cheese sandwich and said he loved it.  Whenever I think of grilled cheese, I think about my mother.  When we took her to a restaurant that she thought was suspect, she always ordered a grilled cheese sandwich saying there's no way a restaurant could screw that up!

This was our first try at the House of Blues and we'll be back.  I hope all the servers are as friendly, fun and pleasant as the young woman who served us that night.

For more on the Vegas outlet of the House of Blues and others in the chain, log onto to their web site right here.

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