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This is, by far, the most famous beer hall in Germany and in all the world.  It's loud, crude, and at the same time it's a wonderful shrine to beer and fun!  And it's big!  This monster easily seats 4,000.

During our first visit to Munich we made a bee line to this place and as we entered, the "oom-pah" band was playing the Billy Ray Cyrus tune "Achey Breaky Heart. "  The beer saturated Germans were going nuts dancing on top of some of the tables!  How strange to hear a Bavarian band belting out an American country tune!

The Hofbrauhaus was established back in 1589 by Duke Wilhelm V to provide brew for his court.  The beer hall opened to "regular" German citizens in 1828.

The main floor consists of wooden picnic type tables and is rustic, to say the least.  Look closely at the top of the table and you'll notice that dozens of people have carved their names and messages into them!  Keep on scanning around the restaurant and chances are you'll see some dogs relaxing under the tables.  Dogs are welcome in many restaurants in Germany and throughout Europe.

The beer is served in one liter glasses and chances are your Frau server will head to your table armed with 10 of the huge glasses---five in each hand.  How they do it is beyond me!

Most people come here to drink beer.  Some order pretzels and/or radishes as snacks.  Both are heavily salted and designed to get patrons to drink more beer!  If you're hungry, try and get your waiter's attention and ask for a menu.  They serve up some surprisingly good wursts.  More serious eaters will head to one of the upstairs rooms.

This is a wonderful place to watch Germans really cutting up and having fun although many overdo it and get downright polluted.  Interestingly near some of the exits they have little alcohol breathalyzer tests that patrons can take to see just how badly they're doing!  Somehow I doubt that these machines are used with any great regularity!

Germans love their beer more than anybody else in the world.  They view it more like a vital staple.  And it's more common than not to see Deutschlanders enjoying a Weissbier (wheat beer) for breakfast.

If you visit Munich you must include the Hofbrauhaus in your plans, even if you don't drink.  They're more than happy to serve soft drinks and you won't get a funny look!

If you drop by the Hofbrauhaus be sure to check out their souvenir stands for a memento of your visit--perhaps a nice beer stein.

Check out their on-line web site here.  Once you've got the site up click on the left icon "Hofbrauhaus am Platzl."  Once that page is up click on English and off you go! 


Ratskeller Munchen

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