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This cozy little restaurant is located along a busy canal.  On a fine, sunny afternoon (especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) there will be hundreds if not thousands of young people hangin' out and drinking heavily along a canal in this Nyhavn neighborhood.  It's "the" place to be and be seen with the youthful set.  How everybody drinks so much and gets along without getting into a fight is beyond me!  But that's the setting you'll find on many days as you approach this restaurant.

I'll try to set the scene.  In our case, we came from just across the street from the fashionable (but terribly stuffy!) Hotel d'Angleterre.  We crossed through a square and headed toward the canal. We walked down the left side of the canal where all the drinkers were stationed. For the most part, they were right on the canal's edge on the raised concrete walkway.  There was a brief pause in the humanity and that's the path that people used to walk forward.  Just to the left of that path were outside bistros, one after another with many seats.  Just to the left of the outdoor bistros were the actual small restaurants.  So you had to make your way through the crowd (not unlike filing out of a major sporting event -- there were that many people) and cut left into the restaurant.

I made reservations and I'm sure glad I did.  This small restaurant only had, oh, maybe 10 tables and the place was packed.  Restaurant Havfruen specializes in fresh fish and I mean really fresh fish.

I started off with a local favorite in Denmark---buttered bread with shirmp.  You get buttered bread with teensy-tiny shrimp on it.  Very tasty.  For my main dish I ordered grilled sole and it was great.  Like most fish meals in this part of the world, my fish came out in a pool of butter!  Everybody else but my wife had fish of some sort.  She opted for the only non fish dish on the menu which was roast lamb.  Now you've got to wonder how the roast lamb would come out at a place that serves 99.9% seafood and my wife said it was incredibly good.  Who would have thunk it?

I'd highly recommend this restaurant to you and your family.  But you absolutely must make a reservation.  Restaurant Navfruen is located at Nyhavn 39.  It's tiny and you may have trouble spotting it!  But it's worth the effort!!!



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