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This is much more than a bar.  It is an institution in Venice and a famous drink was invented here.  It's called a Bellini.  It's simply a mixture of fresh white peach juice and prosecco (white) wine.  It's very light and refreshing.

Ah Yes -- A Batch Of Bellinis Coming Right Up!

I'm told that another creation originated at Harry's Bar - Carpaccio of beef.  You know, razor thin raw slices of beef with a light dressing.

Harry's Bar has been serving up some of the tastiest food in town since the early 30s.  And some pretty well known patrons have favored the place over the years including a chap named Ernest Hemmingway.

While you might picture this place as a dimly lit eatery with red and white checkered tablecloths, that's not at all what Harry's is like.  It's extremely bright and cheery.

After sipping our Bellinis we placed our dinner order.  I started out with a pasta course (I honestly can't remember exactly what it was -- I've got to start taking better notes or a memory pill!) and it was very light and good.  For my main meal I selected sautéed sole with a light tomato and olive sauce.  The fish was extremely fresh and the sauce outstanding.  A watercress salad with a wonderful extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon brought my meal to an end.  My wife chose a steak and was well pleased.

This really should be a "must" eat place on any trip to Venice.  It is rich in history and serves up excellent food.  Even though it's Harry's Bar, we didn't sample any concoctions directly from the bar.  Next time!

Harry's Bar is located just steps from the San Marco vaporetto (water bus) stop.  Just follow the crowd as they exit the vaporetto but keep your eyes peeled to the right.  It's just about the first real door you come to.  We passed by it a couple of times while looking for it!

Unassuming Entrance -- Keep You Eyes Peeled!

I couldn't find a web site for Harry's Bar, but you can click here for a look at the history of the place and it's owners.

One final note.  Bring plenty of Euros.  It ain't cheap!


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