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In preparing for this rare domestic trip several people recommended this place for good, fresh seafood.  It was the first restaurant we sampled on this trip and it was pretty good.

Once inside it's quickly apparent that this is mainly a bar and smoke is somewhat of an issue even in the non-smoking section.  Nothing to drive non-smokers out but it is something to keep in mind.

The guys ordered some beer while the gals nursed some iced tea as we studied the menu.  I went with an order of 8 steamed clams to start and they were moist, succulent and tender.  We got an order of boiled crawfish for the table and they were okay at best.  We're spoiled having lived in New Orleans where the crawfish are incredible.  We always got 'em live down there and boiled them ourselves.  The rest of the table shared some fried calamari and it was good.  The other diners also shared some spinach artichoke dip and it, too, was great.  I guess we were hungry that night!

Funky, fun, casual atmosphere!

For my main meal I got a fried seafood platter.  It came with fish, scallops and shrimp.  Everything was good although I'd bet that it was all frozen.  Still it was tasty and fried up perfectly.  Other diners at the table selected stuffed mahi mahi and it was pretty good, a grouper sandwich (decent but not outstanding), and a crab cake sandwich (extremely good).

The gals got some sort of dessert and the guys polished off the remainder of their beer to end the meal.

We totally enjoyed our meal here and even though it was clearly a bar setting for the most part, our grandkids (nearing the age of 4) felt right at home and were welcomed by the staff.

There was one big disappointment for me.  The internet menu listed blue crabs as an option.  However they were nowhere to be found on the menu at the restaurant.  In fact, good luck in finding any decent fresh (live) blue crabs in Virginia Beach unless you catch 'em yourself!

Harpoon Larry's is located at 24th and Pacific near many of the hotels along the beach.  Their web site is here.