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If you haven't been to a Hard Rock, please don't think of it as just a place for a bunch of rock 'n roll devotees.  Above and beyond music, which is very important here, think of it as a place to enjoy a reliable, well prepared, tasty and reasonably affordable meal wherever you are in the world!  The HRC chain is one of the most consistent we've ever encountered when it comes to the quality of food and the courteous and excellent wait staff. 

We chose the London Hard Rock Cafe to review because it was the first.  We have also dined at and enjoyed good food and cocktails at the following Hard Rocks around the world:

Amsterdam  Athens  Bangkok  Bali  Baltimore Buenos Aires  Copenhagen  Dallas Edinburgh Guam  Hong Kong  Honolulu  Indianapolis  Kona  Kowloon  Kuala Lumpur  Las Vegas  Madrid  Malta  Manchester  Maui  Montreal  Myrtle Beach Nassau  Niagara Falls Orlando-Universal  Rome  St. Thomas  Saipan  San Juan  Seoul  Singapore  Stockholm Sydney Tokyo  Toronto  Yokohama  Whistler

The first Hard Rock Cafe opened in London in 1971.  A couple of American lads longing for a good hamburger were unhappy with the choices at hand so they hauled off and created their own place!  And since they loved music, the name came naturally.

The memorabilia collection kind of happened by accident when a big rocker dined at the new place in London and donated a guitar.  Another big league rocker saw the guitar and donated another item.  And off it went from there.

We have found in our world travels that the Hard Rocks provide reliably good food.  In places like Tokyo and Hong Kong, they're extremely welcome sights when you start to burn out on the local Asian cuisine, as good as it is!

The London Hard Rock is nearly always full.  More often than not you'll find a line outside the door for lunch and dinner.

Appetizers or "starters" as they are known in Europe, include some really great nachos, Buffalo wings, spring rolls and onion rings.

You'll find a full bar at the London branch with excellent local beer.  And if you want to, you can pay a little extra and take the glass home with you.  I know many who collect them.

The HRC offers a good selection of salads including a nice Caesar, cobb, and others.

Sandwiches at the London cafe (along with most other branches) feature a wide assortment of burgers, chicken, fish, pulled pork, club, deli, etc.  For the really hungry patron they offer nice steaks, fajitas, grilled chicken, pastas, and even meatloaf.

One thing we have found at the London Hard Rock and at Hard Rocks all over the world is consistently good service.  In fact, the servers are not only good but downright friendly and welcoming.  Most have a great sense of humor, too!

Dessert fans will be well pleased!  All the usual suspects and then some!

Any visit to a Hard Rock should end with an appearance at the gift store to check out the latest merchandise.  A good and easy to pack souvenir is a Hard Rock shot glass.

Even if you're not a big rock fan, do give the London Hard Rock and the others a chance to feed you some good food!  Or just drop by for an ice cold local beer or cocktail and enjoy the friendly staff!

The London Hard Rock web site is here.
The International Hard Rock site is here.


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