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This restaurant appealed to me for a couple of reasons.  Locals recommended it to us and it sits right where a major seaplane operation is based.  So as you dine, plane after plane lands and takes off again with tourists on sightseeing missions.

The menu is split pretty much 50-50 between food and a big beer list.  Normally I don't drink anything alcoholic for lunch but the Alaskan Amber beer looked good going by to other tables so I had to try one and it was great!

One appetizer immediately caught my attention -- a kettle of steamer clams.  They came in an interesting if not somewhat bitter sauce including some Alaskan Pale Ale and herbs.  Real drawn butter was served for dipping. They were good but maybe not $14 dollars worth of good.  Still, I enjoyed them.

They offered several fish and chip lunches with your choice of  rockfish, halibut or cod.  My wife asked our extremely friendly and funny server which was best and she quickly replied:  "Oh the halibut, by far.  The cod is gross.  It sucks!"  My wife went with a halibut fish sandwich and I got the halibut fish and chips.  Both were good although the serving portion of the fish was a little on the skimpy side, we thought.

Tip for dining in Alaska:  Never order Alaskan King Crab in Alaska!  Why not?  Because it's usually between $31-$38 a pound and it's the same thing we get back in the lower 48 on sale for as little as $8 a pound at the store. Reheat it yourself and save a bundle! It's often cheaper than Alaska prices even in restaurants at home. The crab is always frozen so it's the same whether you buy it in Alaska or when you get home. If, however, you should ever see it fresh---and I've only seen it fresh once in Vegas---it might be worth trying in Alaska.  But to be honest with you, the fresh, uncooked King Crab I had in Vegas, once cooked, was no better than the pre-cooked stuff and it went for a stupefying price of $60 a pound!  NOT worth it!

We enjoyed our meal here and can certainly recommend it to you.  However when three or four huge cruise ships are in port, finding a table can be a little difficult.

For directions, menus and other information on The Hangar, check out their web site here.

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