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In a city world famous for it's fine dining, this is our all time favorite for fine food based on the quality of the food, semi-reasonable prices, seasoned waiters and plain old history.

Pronounced "galla-twa's," this place has graced "the Quadda" (French Quarter) since 1905.  When we lived in New Orleans in the early 70s no reservations were accepted.  That sometimes meant a long wait in line.  And the "no reservations" rule applied to everybody from the many crooked politicians in the city to the Pope himself should he show up!  They recently added a new room upstairs and they now take reservations there, I'm told, while the downstairs floor is still on a first come, first served basis.

A nice way to start your meal out is with an order of their shrimp remoulade.  That's jumbo gulf shrimp in a rich Cajun mustard sauce that tastes like a snappy mayonnaise.  The crabmeat cocktail is also great featuring jumbo lump meat fresh-picked from a local blue crab.  They do up some really fancy and tasty oysters if you're into that sort of thing.  We are!

For your main course you will be tempted with many mouth watering seafood dishes several  starring fresh shrimp and crabmeat.  I've never had a bad meal at Galatoire's and I'm betting your meal will be equally good!

My favorite main dish there over the years has been something that I don't see on their current on-line menu.  I'm talking about trout meuniere.  They take a speckled sea trout and sauté it in a little brown butter sauce.  Maybe if you ask for it they can whip it up for you.  The current menu does mention a pompano meuniere with almonds.  I'm sure that would be good, too.

One tip when dining at Galatoire's.  Ask your server for his counsel on what's great that night.  In fact, we once told the waiter what we liked in general and left everything to him and the outcome was sensational.

The guidebooks list the cuisine here as "French."  But I'd call it something more like traditional New Orleans fancy home cookin.'  The waiters do come decked out in tuxes and gents are supposed to wear a sports jacket or suit to dinner.

Galatoire's is located at 209 Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.  Phone number for those highly coveted upstairs reservations:  (504) 525-2021.  Web site is here.