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When we checked into the Sheraton Montevideo Hotel we asked the concierge for a good recommendation on a seafood restaurant.  Without even missing a beat and with great enthusiasm he suggested a place called Francis.  And folks, this turned out to be an absolutely sensational experience.

This is the best seafood we've ever had in the Spanish speaking world.  For some reason we've never gotten a really good seafood meal in Spain.  But this place in South America, on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 15!

The concierge was kind enough to make a reservation for us at 8.  That's early for diners in this part of the world who usually don't head out to a restaurant before 10 or 11pm just as they do in Spain.

We were the first couple in the place at that "early" hour.  Immediately upon being seated bread came along with two interesting spreads.  One appeared to be a liver sausage type spread but it was thinner in consistency and had a decidedly seafood flavor to it.  The other spread was a tangy cheese concoction.  Both were great.

After checking out the menu I decided to start with an order of mussels.  I had no idea if they had fresh mussels in this part of the world so it was a crap shoot ordering them here.  But guess what?  They were some of the best and most certainly fresh mussels I've ever had.  And the portion was absolutely huge.  They were served in a buttery, garlicky, wine broth.  Dee-licious!!!! 

For my main course I had something called Abadejo, said to taste similar to red snapper.  It was fabulous and I ordered it with a sauce called marriscos.  The sauce was kind of like a lobster bisque.  Very, very good.  My wife ordered the toothfish, whatever that was, and it was great.  We couldn't help but notice that a man next to us was carving into a huge filet mignon that must have weighed 20 ounces and it was cooked very rare, just the way we like it. 

Dinner ended with a couple of shots of Limenjelo on the house---an ice cold lemon liqueur like we had enjoyed in Sorrento, Italy.  In fact, I'm sure that's where it came from.  This was an outstanding dinner and we'd HIGHLY recommend Francis to you when you're in Montevideo.  It's an easy walk from the Sheraton Hotel. 

The restaurant is located at
Luis de la Torre 502.  Their phone number is 711-8603.

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