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This restaurant was known as Fouters Bistro for many years until 2003 when new owners took over.  I can't vouch for the "old" Fouters but the new one is great!

Second Door to the Left

We made an early dinner reservation and were greeted at the door by two of the three owners of the place---Brian and Odette.  They couldn't have been more cordial and helpful in making suggestions for our meal.

Our Charming Hosts!

Fouters is located in the basement of a building that used to house a bank.  In fact, the restaurant occupies the old vault section and something rather amusing happened when the new owners moved in.  Odette explained that they had stored some food and beverages in the vault section when suddenly the door somehow swung shut and locked.  They had to get a lock expert in there to open the door so that the food and beverages could be rescued.

Your meal always starts out here with a couple of "micro" appetizers.  Each diner gets what looks like a teensy-tiny pizza and a small nub of highly marinated beef.  Nice little tid-bits to start the meal out.

My wife decided not to try a starter but I chose some seared west coast sea scallops for my appetizer and they were quite good.  They came on a bed of salsa.  For my main course I went with venison in a rich red wine sauce accompanied by beets.  It was very tasty.  My wife selected a sinfully rich chicken supreme with mushrooms for her main course.

I ended my meal with a snifter of cognac an my wife dove into some really great sticky toffee pudding.

The meal was great.  Brian and Odette were wonderful hosts and we can highly recommend this restaurant to you.

Check out their web site for complete details on directions, etc.


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