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Over the years we have been to many "theme night" parties at hotels all over the world.  We've been entertained in Hawaii, Tahiti, Rarotonga, Fiji, Aruba--you name it.  One that really stands out is the theme night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus.

The Four Seasons is a beautiful world class hotel and, by the way, is not related to the Four Seasons hotel chain.  It's located right on the Mediterranean Sea and puts out some of the best hotel food we've ever tasted.

We normally avoid hotel buffets like the plague because we've seen 'em all but the food at the Four Seasons is a cut above.  On our first day there we intended to order a salad for lunch off the menu but when we walked by the buffet on the way to the table, we had to check it out and it was just great!

Sea View From Four Seasons Room

They feature a daily luncheon and dinner buffet, which are second to none with everything done absolutely perfectly.  But the big deal is their theme night done out on the patio under the stars.

There are numerous food stations at this lavish spread.  You'll find a huge selection of perfect salads to start with.  Then you can move onto a seafood station with fresh shrimp and other delights from the sea.  There's a Chinese wok station where you can get just about any stir fry dish you could imagine.  They also have a carving station with lamb, beef, ham, turkey, etc.  This is one heck of a spread.

Leave room for dessert, too.  They feature a huge table of tempting sweets and for those who prefer to finish the evening with cheese, they have a table dedicated just to you!

The food selection is so lavish and spread out that the first time I got up and tried to return to the table, I was lost for a minute or two.  Literally!

As for the entertainment, it was fun.  Lots of Greek type music, dancers and performers.  Everybody seemed to be having a great time.

We were extremely impressed by the staff at the Four Seasons.  Just about everybody enjoyed working there and it showed.  And when they served cocktails and beverages in glasses with the hotel logo, the drink was always served with the logo facing the patron.  The only other time we've ever seen that standard of service is up front in the first class cabins of Singapore Airlines jets.

Even if you don't care for buffets or theme nights, if you ever find yourself at the Four Seasons in Cyprus give this one a shot.  And check out the Four Seasons web site by clicking here.


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