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This has got to be one of the best restaurants in Stockholm.  It was recommended to us for fresh fish and is popular with locals since it's considered to be good value for money.  But that's debatable by American standards!

As the saying goes:  "When in Rome do as the Romans do." So I  started out with a herring sampling platter.  They were presented in several different sauces.  While I have yet to develop an intense craving for this Scandinavian specialty, they were pretty tasty.  My wife started--as she usually does when the opportunity presents itself--with some fish soup.  Our daughter got an order of buttered shrimp on bread.  Tiny little shrimp but tasty.  Our son-in-law had a bowl of gazpacho soup.

Our son-in-law decided on a Caesar salad for his main course, oddly enough, and it was very good.   My wife and daughter opted for the marinated salmon which the waiter raved about and everybody enjoyed it.  I went with a simple grilled sea bass and it was quite good.

The gals finished off the meal with a piece of very good cheesecake and the guys simply enjoyed a cup of coffee and a snifter of brandy.  I was trying to think how much the tab came to and I ran across the actual check the other day (we're real pack rats).  With a bottle of wine the whole tab came to 2798.00 Swedish Kronors or $335.16 U.S. and that included tip.  This part of the world is very expensive and this restaurant is considered a bargain!  So be prepared for sticker shock when you arrive in Stockholm!

Eriks Bakficka is located at Fredrikshovsgatan 4.  Ask your hotel concierge whether to hike it or hail a cab.  And since this place is so popular, a reservation would be a good idea.  They have a web site here but it's not very helpful unless you speak Swedish.