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This little gem specializes in seafood and is located in downtown Cancun City just a short green taxi ride from Cancun Island where all the mega resorts are located.

On our numerous trips to the El Pescador, we have never been disappointed.  They can fix you up with grilled and fried fresh fish and also offer excellent fresh shrimp and Caribbean lobster cooked up in many different ways.

After a hot day at the beach their ice cold beer really hits the spot!  You can dine outside or inside this popular place.  You'll find a picture of the restaurant here.

On one visit to the El Pescador we had arranged to meet our kids and their friends at the restaurant after a furious day of shopping---on the part of the kids!  We spent our day on the beach.  Upon arrival at the restaurant, our kids were already there and I wound up sitting next to our daughter, Christie. 

Christie turned to me and said:  "Look at the necklace I bought today, do you like it?"  I glanced over, saw a small shell necklace, and quipped:  "Yeah, it's nice honey."  She asked me again to look it at.  Again I did.  I thought it was really weird when she asked me to look at it for a third time, after all it wasn't very impressive.  Then I noticed what she was angling for me to see.  It was a live bug with a fake ruby glued to its back and anchored by a fake gold chain and pin.  She bragged that she had bought it at a local jewelry store for $20 U.S.   She explained that her live jewelry item came with it's own shelter (a large match box) and that all you had to do to feed it was to soak wood and put it in the match box.  She begged me to let her take it home but I told her no way.  What if the thing was full of eggs and the offspring ate our house!?  She freed the bug at the Cancun airport before our trip home.

We finished our wonderfully fresh seafood meals with some ice cream and called it a night.

El Pescador is a short hop away from most hotels on Cancun Island and is located downtown at Tulipanes 28 off of Avenue Tulum.  Their phone number is:  998-884-2673.

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