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My wife and I were out running some errands on a nice, Spring Saturday and suddenly realized that it was lunch time.  We both decided that lunch at Alfoccino Italian restaurant in Farmington Hills would be just the ticket.  However we had to switch to Plan-B because Alfoccino didn't open until 3pm.  We noticed a little strip mall Mexican restaurant in the same complex called El Patio so we gave it a try.

Simple Exterior

As we entered we were promptly seated and a batch of chips and salsa arrived at the table just as we did.  There was something obnoxious in the air and no, it wasn't emissions from other customers who had just downed their Mexican food!  It was some sort of insecticide.  I've smelled it at other places and it's pretty obnoxious.

The chips were some of the best we've had.  Still warm when they came to the table.  The salsa was pretty good, too.

We checked out the menu and my wife went with a luncheon special. I got one of the smaller combo dinner plates.

My wife's luncheon came with an enchilada, taco and beans or rice.  She chose chicken filling for both her taco and enchilada and beans on the side. She said everything was seasoned well and pretty tasty.

Typical Decor

They have a big dinner combo but I got a little smaller one.  Mine came with a taco, enchilada and chalupa.  I chose beef for all three.  The enchilada was okay.  Nice sauce.  The taco was okay but just okay.  Not much flavor in the beef.  They used the same beef in the final item--the chalupa--as they did in the enchilada and taco.  The chalupa tortilla was so tough I had to use a knife to cut it.  It had no beans and hardly any cheese and just a dusting of lettuce and tomato.  It did have a dollop of very good guacamole, however.

I noticed something odd.  The metal salt, pepper and salsa holder on the table was from Knott's Berry Farm in California.  I haven't been there since I was a kid.  The attraction must give them out to restaurants free to remind folks that the Farm is still alive and well!

On a scale of 1-10 with10 being the best, I'd give my meal a 4.  My wife rated her meal at an 8.  Would we return?  Maybe but probably not.  There are a lot better choices in Metro Detroit.

El Patio is located at Grand River and Haggerty in Farmington Hills.  They have two other branches in Metro Detroit in Waterford and Highland.  Complete details on their poorly done website here.