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Way back in the 70s we used to live in Dallas, Texas and one of the better Mexican chain restaurants back then was El Chico.  Decades later when we wound up living in Jacksonville we go wind that they had one as near to us as Tallahassee.  So one weekend, we headed over that way only to find that it had just closed just weeks before our trip.  Drat!

Later we were visiting the Melbourne area looking for a place to eat and checked with Garmin (our nav-aid device) to see what kind of Mexican places they had and to our delight, an El Chico came up.  We hadn't eaten at an El Chico since 1977!

The familiar trade-mark sign looked the same.  Inside, it looked like just about any other top notch Mexican chain.  We were seated and our server promptly showed up with the chips and salsa.  Very good salsa, by the way!

The chips and salsa were enough to get us started and we did not order an appetizer. 

My wife ordered the enchilada dinner with two enchiladas, one beef and one chicken and it came with beans and rice.  I went for a combination platter -- the Mexican Sampler.  It came with a cheese and onion enchilada with chili con carne, a chicken enchilada with sour cream sauce, a bean tostada, and a beef hard shell taco.  They served it with Mexican rice and a cheese sauce.

I guess tastes change over the years.  Everything was fine.  No complaints.  But it wasn't exactly as we had remembered it.  Then again we had only been away from our home town of Indianapolis for a few years  back in the 70s where they really didn't have any Mexican restaurants other than one in a bad part of town.  So Mexican was pretty much brand new for us and very exciting.  We still have a little cookbook we got from El Chico in Dallas all those years ago.  I remember them saying they actually put a touch of mashed potatoes in their taco meat for depth.  I doubt if they still do it today but they did it back then, which I found interesting.

This is a good place to eat.  If you've got an itch for Mexican, this will scratch it.  Good, ole Tex Mex from Dallas!

For complete details on this particular restaurant and the El Chico chain, go to their web site here.