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Note: This restaurant has changed locations and is now operating in Rochester, Michigan.

I love fish and chips but admittedly I'm spoiled rotten.  We've been to England several times and there's nothing anywhere that compares to the fresh plaice (a North Sea flounder type of fish), chips and mushy peas that you get at nearly any old pub in London.

When I passed by Dublin Fish and Chips in the eastern Detroit suburb of Clinton Township I couldn't wait to give it a try.  Shopping at a nearby convenience store prior to my first visit to Dublin's I asked the check-out clerk if it was any good.  While he had not personally dined there, he said everybody raved about it.  In fact he said the folks at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit liked it so much they wanted the owner to open a branch of Dublin's at the ballpark.  But for whatever reason, it didn't happen.

Dublin's is in a small strip mall on Hayes Road.  I would imagine that it's mainly a take-out place although there are probably 8 or 9 tables inside.  The place is decorated with all things Ireland and there's plenty of green everywhere you look.

I decided to eat at a table since the place wasn't crowded and chose a three piece cod dinner with French fries (chips).  The fish was good but not great.  For one thing it was that same old Pacific cod that has no flavor at all compared to it's cousin fished out of the Atlantic Ocean.  And the portion size was pretty small. I'd say each of the three pieces of cod probably weighed 2 ounces or less although it was perfectly fried.  For a price tag of $9.25 it's not exactly what you'd call "value for money."  I think somebody from the U.K. would be disappointed at the serving size although the price would be cheap compared to what they pay back home in the U.K. where everything is horribly expensive.

If you're a native great lakes person you might opt for another type of fish.  They also offer whitefish, walleye and perch.  And of course nowhere on the menu does it ever say anything is fresh.  That's really what sets England's fish and chips apart from the U.S. fish.  It's absolutely fresh over there.

While Dublin Fish and Chips isn't perfect it is pretty good.  And the two men who seem to be the proprietors are very proud of what they are doing.

This restaurant used to be on Hayes Road in Clinton Township.  It's now located in Rochester. Complete information is found their website right here.