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Okay so you ask:  "Why dine at an Italian place when you're in the Czech Republic with all that good local food?"  Fair question.  The answer is that we had dined on a lot of local food which was excellent.  But one day just walking by Don Giovanni's it looked so good that we just had to go inside.

It was probably around 4 in the afternoon and we had intended to just have a salad and soda and then have a proper dinner later that evening.  But the place smelled so good and other diners were feasting on such good looking pasta dishes that we went ahead and had dinner there.

This is a bright and cheery place.  There were pretty columns and the tables and chairs were very nicely done.  Fancy but not stuffy.  The sun was beaming in on that summer afternoon.  Not enough to be obnoxious but just enough to be pleasant.

The wait staff here could not have been any nicer.  Efficient, courteous, and friendly.  And they all speak enough English to help us Yanks make up our mind on what to order.

We ordered some garlic bread and wine to start the meal and then looked carefully at the menu.

Being typical Americans and not appreciating the way real Italians dine (they start with pasta and then turn to a fish or meat dish for their main course), we just ordered pasta as our dinners.  We sampled some of their baked ziti and our daughter had plain old spaghetti and all of it was quite nicely done. 

If you're near the Charles Bridge and want a very satisfying and relatively inexpensive Italian meal, give Don Giovanni's a shot.  Another good thing about this place is that it is open non-stop from 11am until midnight.

The restaurant is located at Karolíny Svetlé  34, Prague 1, Staré Město.  Reservation number.: 222 222 062, -060

They have somewhat of a web site here although it may or may not work for you.