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This is a very upscale, fancy and romantic restaurant in the beautiful Hilton Waikoala Village complex along the Kohala coast.  This hotel has a number of great restaurants.  They're so good that people come from other resorts on the island to sample them.

Donatoni's has reportedly attracted some visiting celebrities for its fine food and service.

You Can Walk To The Restaurant Or Take This Tram -- Or a Boat!

An important suggestion.  Since the hotel is a bit isolated from some other restaurants on the island, on property dining spots are very popular and fill up rapidly.  I'd suggest making a reservation for this place early in the day if not the night before or even a day or two in advance.  We called one day around 1pm and the restaurant was already booked for that night and we had to wait for the next night.

This is an Italian restaurant and has a number of awards to prove just how good it is.

Our meal started with some wonderful, crispy calamari with a nice aioli garlic sauce to dip it in.  For our main course my wife ordered a filet mignon and it was cooked perfectly -- very rare just as she had ordered it.  I chose a pasta dish for my main.  It was pappardelle with shrimp and it was outstanding.

Note that this is the kind of Italian restaurant where if done correctly, you would start out with an appetizer then move to a pasta course then to a meat or seafood dish and then finish with dessert.  Most Americans don't realize that this is the way they do it in Italy and just go for a pasta dish as their main course like I did.

My wife finished with a rich dessert. I sipped a nice hot cup of coffee for the finish.

This was a very nice evening and well worth the high price tag.  However as with many really upscale restaurants the quantity of the food was a bit on the small side.  Still, we highly recommend this place to you.

The restaurant has a web site here.