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My first experience with this wonderful place was in 1976.  I was being wined and dined by radio station WIBG (they wanted me to come to work there, flew me into town and were showing me around the area).  They suggested the original Bookbinder's (now closed) for a fancy dinner but I wanted something less formal.  Somebody suggested DiNardo's and it was an exceptional choice.

I was living in Dallas at the time and had been having severe blue crab withdrawal pains.  I hadn't had a whole batch of 'em since working in New Orleans four years earlier.  When I saw them on the menu at DiNardo's I thanked the food gods!

Prior to the arrival of the crustaceans I decided to kill a few clams.  They were little neck beauties and just wonderful. Steamed to perfection awaiting their drawn butter baths. The crabs were even "mo better."  Full of meat and a nice mix of girls and boys.  My local host from WIBG radio tried one crab, proclaimed that it was way too much work prying the meat out, and summoned the waitress to put in an order for a piece of fish.  The big woos!

In subsequent visits over the years we've tried other seafood items at DiNardo's and we've never had a bad meal there.  Ask the wait staff to suggest a fresh fish like striper, bluefish, cod or halibut.  They get a lot of their fresh fish and shrimp from Florida.  Some of the crabs come from Louisiana because they're bigger and better than some of the guys found crawling around in local waters.

It's not an ultra fancy place but it's a sure bet for fresh seafood.

DiNardo's is located at 312 Race Street in downtown historic Philadelphia.  They now have a web site here.