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I had a chance to dine here on a business trip to New York.  My radio station sent me with some contest winners to have dinner with talk radio host Sean Hannity and he personally chose this restaurant.

This is a national chain and the NYC branch sits right on the Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) not far from the two studios were Sean is based -- WABC Radio and Fox TV.

We had a special room reserved for us and a special menu.  So we didn't have access to the whole shootin' match but our meal was extremely rewarding.

For starters, everybody was given a giant prawn cocktail with three different sauces and a crab cake.  I was a little disappointed with the shrimp because when I asked our server where they came from, she said somewhere in South America.  Since we now live in Florida and can get fresh shrimp with the heads still on, I prefer fresh shrimp.  But nonetheless they were very good.  And the crab cakes were outstanding!  Four ounces of jumbo lump blue crab meat in each cake.  Yum!!

We then advanced to a really nice house salad with bacon and freshly made croutons and a choice of dressing.  Very well done.

For our main course we got to choose from a selection of several steaks.  Sean urged us to go with the rib eye.  I, however, chose a nice New York strip and it was very good.  When asked how she wanted it cooked, the diner to my right said "medium rare."  The server suggested that she order it medium because they tend to undercook steaks here.  When it came time for me to order, I told the server that I wanted it very rare. I said if it came out raw on the plate that I'd eat it!  And I would have!  Turns out it was cooked perfectly.  Warm on the top and bottom and blue and cool in the center.  The steaks came with three sides and plenty of 'em -- creamed spinach, potatoes au gratin, and sautéed mushrooms.

The meal was very nice and Sean was a funny and gracious host.  Was it the best steak I've ever had?  Nope.  But it was a good meal.

Del Frisco's is located in the heart of Manhattan at 1221 Avenue of the Americas.  The chain has a web site here.  The direct link to the NYC branch is right here.

PS-When people check out restaurant reviews on this web site, they often are shocked that very few reviews are listed from New York City but there's a reason for that.  Over the past years I have visited the Big Apple dozens of times but it's nearly always with a big radio company like ABC,CBS, RKO, etc.  And between meetings we just get shuttle-bused to a non-descript place for a quick bite.  Or we wind up dining at hotel restaurants.  I've had so many meals at the Plaza, Le Parker Meridien, etc.  And I spent $65 for a small piece of fish at Le Meridien's "Restaurant Maurice" for lunch!  (I just checked the Meridien web site and I guess Maurice has been replaced by another fancy, schmancy, French restaurant.  The price is now probably $150 for a small piece of fish at lunch!)