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I did some homework prior to this trip to Australia and checked out some restaurants on-line.  One that kept popping up was this one.  Upon checking it out on the internet, however, it gave me the feeling that it might be a blue blood, hoity-toity type of place.

When we checked in at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Coogee Beach I asked the guy behind the desk for a recommendation for fresh seafood and without even pausing he suggested Deep Blue, right across the street from the hotel.  Coogee Beach, by the way, is a Sydney seaside suburb.

On our last night in Australia on this trip we gave it a shot and it was a great place.

First of all, it wasn't hoity-toity at all.  Our server was a charming young woman who enthusiastically recommended that we try the kangaroo and/or crocodile.

The restaurant had a very nice, elegant bar area.

As we considered all items on the menu I ordered some local black mussels as an entree (their word for starter or appetizer).  This was the only disappointment we would find here.  The mussels were fishy tasting and in an uninspired broth.

They Looked Good But....

Back to the menu for our main meal, the kangaroo, a regular menu item, was called the "Kangaroo Evolution."  The croc was a special that night and was billed as the "Crocodile Experience."  The server convinced us to try both.  So my wife got the roo while I got the reptile.

The kangaroo came prepared in three different ways:  tartar (raw and marinated), medallions, and in a ravioli.  The tartar was very good.  The medallions were incredible.  They were cooked rare and tasted much like venison or filet mignon.  The ravioli were just out of this world.

Kangaroo Revolution
L-R Kangaroo Tartar, Medallions Nice 'n Rare & Kangaroo Ravioli in a Wonderful Cream Sauce

My croc plate started with crocodile ceviche (raw but "cooked" by a lemon or other citrus agent) and it was very good.  Next came chunks of skewered croc that had been cooked over a grill. It was very, very tasty.  I liked it a lot better than the alligator I've had in the U.S. The third and final croc dish consisted of crocodile spring rolls.  Those were good but there was a little bit too much lemon flavor inside for my taste.

Crocodile Evolution
L-R Crocodile Ceviche, Skewered Croc & Croc Spring Rolls

My wife had an incredible dessert called Chocolate Lava and loved every bit of it.

Again - Nice Decor, Elegant but Not Stuffy

Deep Blue is a great little place.  Lots of locals dine there and you should, too.  They have a nice web site here.

On a closing note, Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods on TV in the U.S. chose this place to showcase Eastern Australia oddities on his show!


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