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We wound up dining here because we are complete idiots!

The night before we flew from Madrid down to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands and we just assumed the time would be he same as mainland Spain.  Just to be sure, however, I checked on the onboard nav system on our Iberia Airlines A340-300 jet that tracks the flight and gives the correct time at the departure city and the destination city of the flight.  The system said the correct time in Madrid was 7:45pm as we landed.  And it said the time in Las Palmas was the same.  But it wasn't!

The next night not knowing that our watches were an hour ahead, we took a cab from our hotel to a seafood restaurant in Playa del Ingles thinking we had arrived at just about 19:00 (7pm) when the place opened.  We waited outside the restaurant and the door was still locked at what we thought was 7:30 (when it was, in reality just 6:30!).  We gave up on the seafood place and saw a promising looking restaurant just across the street and gave it a shot.  Enter Dayana Tandoori Restaurante.

We were "greeted" by an extremely hostile looking man at the door.  In fact as we checked out the menu at the door, he didn't even come up to us and try to lure us into the place, which is very unusual and in fact a positive sign.  If the place was no good and desperately needed diners, this dude would have been all over us.  The menu looked good so we asked Mr. Personality to seat us.

There was only one other couple in the place.  But it smelled good and we figured that since most Spaniards won't even think about dining out until at least 9:30 or 10 o'clock, that was the reason for the lack of patrons.

They had some interesting appetizers on the menu.  My wife chose a starter called onion bhaji. They were like onion croquettes with some sort of reddish/orangish potatoes inside.  They were quite good.  I started out with an order of "fried jumbo prawns."  Now I'm thinkin' I'm gonna be getting fresh shrimp from the nearby sea.  Nope.  What I got looked like four medium to large fantail, Mrs. Paul's shrimp.  Mind you it was good but I can't imagine that it was local!

For my main meal I chose a tandoori meat combo plate.  It came with several tandoori meats including chicken, lamb, sausage and some mystery meats.  It was all quite good. My wife selected plain chicken tandoori and she enjoyed her meal.  Both came with rice.

While this wasn't a sensational place, it was good and if you have a craving for Indian food, this place will definitely scratch your itch.  It's located near Restaurante Barbados near the entrance to Yumbo Shopping Center.


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