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Before our visit to this well manicured and affluent resort we did some checking for good seafood restaurants.  This one came up with two locations.  My wife decided to go to the branch at Sea Pines in Harbor Town.  This area is so hoity-toity that you have to stop at a guard shack and pay five bucks just to get into the complex if you're not a resident.  Anyway we drove up to Harbor Town and there wasn't a parking place in sight.  Now what?  Plan-B!  We headed back to the other location overlooking a beautiful marsh on U.S. 278.

For a nice looking restaurant the patrons were very casually attired and prices were not at all out of line.  My wife got one of the specials, blackened Mahi Mahi with cole slaw and a side of freshly steamed broccoli.  I chose to start off with a cup of She Crab soup and ordered a fried seafood platter.

The She Crab soup was an out of the ballpark home run hit!   Outstanding with fresh blue crab meat, a little sherry, and very thick and delightful.

Pleasant, Nautical Interior

My wife's blackened Mahi was good but a little on the greasy side.  My seafood platter was good but not outstanding.  A neon sign indicated they featured fresh local fish and seafood.  My platter came with a generous portion of shrimp, several oysters, a fish filet and a crab cake. The fish filet on the platter was clearly cod.  Fresh and good and probably from the Pacific and not North Atlantic (my favorite) but certainly not local.  The shrimp were a little overcooked but otherwise okay.  The oysters were good but not great.  The crab cake was, by far, the most interesting thing on the plate.  It was absolutely loaded with what appeared to be fresh blue crab lump meat!  Tons of crab which is nice.  The thing was battered and deep fried, which I didn't like.  But it's rare to find such a large portion of real crab meat in a crab cake.

Fresh Local Seafood -- Well Not All Of It

The restaurant was in a pleasant setting.  The servers seemed very nice and diners had a choice of eating inside (we chose to dine inside because it was pretty hot and humid outside) or outside on a nice, multi-level deck.

Deck Dining & Marsh In Background

Prices were quite good.  As I recall, my wife's Mahi special was $9.95.  My seafood platter was just under $14 and a lot of food.  For dinner prices go up by six or seven bucks a plate.  Still, for a ritzy island like Hilton Head, this place is a real bargain.

Overall a pleasant but not outstanding dining experience.  We will be back next time.

For more on the menu, directions, etc., they have a web site right here.