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This is admittedly an upscale restaurant in this interesting city full of adobe architecture and strands of red peppers hanging from just about every building.  But despite the elegance, the place is also eclectic and down to earth with all kinds of bizarre stuff hanging on the walls. One such item is a rabbit with a jumbo pair of family jewels!  And diners here don't have to whisper.  In fact, the place can be a little on the loud side but nothing obnoxious.  It's actually a good thing because people are enjoying good cocktails, fine food and wine, and each other's company.

Long time award winning chef Mark Miller has done an outstanding job here and he now has a place in Vegas, too.  Next time I'm in "Lost Wages" I plan to give it a shot.

Diners will find some pretty big words on the menu highlighted by ingredients found in the Southwest.  But don't let that intimidate you!  It's all great!

Sadly, I've only had the pleasure of dining  here once--so far-- but have had "recon" reports from many others who have experienced the place in more recent times. Everybody raved about their experiences here.  On my one visit, I was with a large group of business associates and the table got pretty wild.

I started out with a very nice salad complete with cheese and a nut vinaigrette.  It was perfect.  Just enough dressing to flavor the mixed greens but not drown 'em.

From there I chose a huge slab of prime rib, which was a special of the evening.  I ordered it very rare and that's exactly the way it came to the table.  It had an interesting herb crust seasoning that made its presence known but didn't get in the way of the flavor of the beef.  Some of my associates selected the lamb chops and raved about them.  Most of us ordered roasted potatoes at an additional cost.

This was a most enjoyable experience.  I hope our rather boisterous table didn't infringe on others trying to have a nice dinner! 

You must make a reservation at this multi-award winning restaurant if you hope to dine there.  Their phone number is (505) 983-1615.  They're located at 132 W. Water Street in Santa Fe.  They have a web site here.