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There are several barbecue hot beds around the United States and Memphis is right up there.  I had heard about Corky's for many years so when I found myself in Memphis for a conference at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, I was anxious to try it out.

Corky's is a good size, old restaurant located in East Memphis which is a pretty good cab ride from the downtown Memphis area.  As you near the restaurant and pull into the parking lot, you can smell the smoke when you get out of your car.  This is the real deal!  No baking ribs to death in the oven and then drowning them in thick, overly sweet barbecue sauce.

Memphis is famous for dry spice rubbed ribs although you can order them "wet."  I decided to go with local tradition and ordered a big old slab dry style.

To be honest with you, dry just wasn't my thing.  They were perfectly cooked and the spices were enjoyable although a bit too thick and pasty for my taste.  So I got a little barbecue sauce on the side to add to dem bones.  Sides are the typical coleslaw and fries and what not.  The restaurant is licensed to serve beer but not cocktails. Above and beyond ribs, they have the usual barbecue alternatives liked pulled pork sandwiches.

Corky's is located at 5259 Poplar Avenue in East Memphis and their phone number is (901) 685-9744.  They have become famous in recent years for shipping their great ribs from their pit right to your door.  Learn more on how to sample them at home by checking out their web site here.

If you're based in downtown Memphis and can't get to Corky's, not to worry.  There's a good one just about across the street from the famous Peabody Hotel.  It's called the Rendezvous.

These may be fightin' words, but for this well traveled diner, the best barbecue in the U.S.A. can be found in Texas!