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Important - Please See Update At Bottom Of Page

At one point there were actually three Chart House Restaurants on Maui and there still may be!  At last check Chart Houses were found in Lahaina, Kahului near the airport, and on a golf course in Wailea.

The restaurant in Lahaina is, by far, the most exotic.  It's like a Trader Vic's only on steroids.  It's a big place with lots of palm thatch and South Pacific artifacts.  The restaurant in Kahului looks like a "standard" upscale dining venue and their place on the golf course is nice but unassuming in decor.

The poke (pronounced pokie) at all three is outstanding.  Raw, marinated fresh tuna served with a wasabi ginger kick.  These places are famous for their prime rib and I can't think of another place on the island that serves up any better slabs of beef.  Fish eaters will find quite a few selections and they always have a well stocked salad bar.

We've enjoyed other branches of this fine dinning establishment and one that comes prominently to mind is located in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

I nearly always get the same thing.  I start out with poke (in Hawaii, anyway!), enjoy a trip to the salad bar and then order prime rib with a baked potato.  Others swear by the mahi.  My wife loves their desserts.

If you're staying at a resort in Kaanapali, the Chart House in Lahaina is your closest bet.  It's on the road to Lahaina just before you get to Lahaina.  If you're staying at a resort in Wailea (our favorite Maui spot) then the Chart House on the golf course is very close.  The restaurant in Kahului is a little off the beaten path unless you're heading to Hana or heading to the airport for the flight back home.  Our ritual now is to leave early for the airport, dine at the Chart House in Kahului, and then catch the evening flight back to the U.S. mainland.

I highly recommend the Maui Chart House Restaurants to you.  In fact I've never had a bad meal at any of their outlets.  They have a web site here.  But one thing still puzzles me.  The web site makes no mention of their restaurants in Maui or in St. Thomas.  It appears that the latter restaurants are branches of the same chain judging from the menu, etc.

Update:  Web Travel Guide viewer Beth writes to inform us, unfortunately, that the Chart House Restaurants have disappeared from Maui.  Beth also let us know that the Chart House that used to serve up delicious meals in St. Thomas in the U.S.V.I. is also gone.  The restaurant in St. Thomas is now called Oceana.


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