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This is a mall chain restaurant offering four different venues.  We opted to dine at their restaurant located in Mt. Pleasant.  Our dinner came here at 5pm on a Sunday evening.

We were the second customers in line for the 5 o'clock opening.  We were seated by a hostess slash waitress who was running around like crazy.  Seems most of the wait staff had failed to show up on time.

One thing I immediately missed is "that smell" that often is apparent at good fish houses.  Ditto when you walk into a Mexican restaurant.

We were rushed to our table along with some other customers and the hostess slash waitress said:  "You're gonna have to dine up front here close to the bar 'cause I'm watchin' over all of y'all until help arrives."   Despite her desperate pace, the service was pretty good.

My wife and I both chose a combo platter combining two items.  I chose fried shrimp and fried flounder.  My wife chose fried shrimp and scallops.  My wife got slaw and red rice as her sides.  I chose red rice and a local favorite called Edisto grits.  Edisto is a river nearby and this version of grits is cooked in cream instead of water.  I must admit they were delicious.

My plate came with seven large shrimp and a small, thin filet of flounder that probably weighed 3 ounces.  The shrimp were large and not fantailed, for what it's worth.  My wife also got seven large shrimp and a handful of scallops.  Oh, I almost forgot, we started the whole meal with some crab dip and crackers and it was good.

Just A Few Tables Outside

The fried seafood platters, while decent, were nothing out of the ordinary.  We've had much better and as we read the menu prior to ordering, we were hoping for something really special.  The menu boasted that everything they featured was fresh and local whenever possible.  Having lived in the south for a couple of years now, I can tell you that the odds are overwhelming that when you order "fresh fish" down here, it will have originated somewhere in Asia.  And when you order grouper, more often than not, it's an imposter.

Overall this wasn't a bad dining experience.  Would we return?  Probably not.

They have a web site here with locations, menus, etc.