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Restaurant Is Surrounded By Apartments -- See the Fish On The Roof?
That's The Restaurant!

During a trip to the Ft. Lauderdale area with my daughter and her family, her husband suggested that we try this place based on some reviews in a local newspaper.

I've got to come right out and tell you that the neighborhood has seen better days and parking is a nightmare at this popular eatery.  And thanks to a couple of shady looking characters milling around where we parked, I kept wondering all through the meal if our cars would still be there when we were done.

This dinner came on Sunday evening around 6.  All parking spaces around the restaurant were filled.  My wife dashed inside and asked if we could park just across the street at a closed filling station and the folks said it would be fine.  We were the first cars to park there and the dudes milling about seemed quite keen on our cars (my car and my son-in-law's rental).  Turns out when we finished our meal and returned to the cars, the lot was jam packed.  There was even a parking attendant in an orange vest guiding cars in and out.

Okay on to the meal.  This place is famous for all-you-can-eat catfish.  In my younger days, these kind of places really drew my attention.  Not so much anymore.  But my wife and I both tried the all-you-can-eat catfish filets.  They also offered whole catfish, which we should have gotten.

The filets were way over battered and without hardly any seasoning.  We had one re-order and the second batch was better with a more fish to batter ratio.  Still, having eaten catfish all over the nation at some of the best places on earth, this one wouldn't rank in the top 50 in my opinion.

Our daughter and her husband ordered the early bird cod special.  The waiter returned about an hour after taking their order (service here was horribly, horribly slow and the whole dinner from start to finish probably lasted about 2 1/2 hours) to inform them that they had only one order of cod left.  So my daughter had the cod, my son-in-law went with a blackened mahi-mahi.  He said it was okay but nothing better.

Maybe there's something "they" know about this place that we didn't because there was a huge line right out the door waiting to get in as we left.  But from our experience, we won't be back.

They have a web site here with the address, menu, etc.  And by the way, the picture on the front page of their web site makes the place look a lot nicer on the outside than it really is although it is rustic but nice once inside.