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This the place to go for the freshest seafood around.  When you walk in the door you're treated to an incredible display of fresh fish on ice from all over the world and live tanks containing a variety of crabs and lobster.

When we're returning from Asia or the South Pacific we always schedule a stopover in L.A. to decompress from the long Pacific flight and we always make it a point to dine at Captain Kidd's.  It's quite close to LAX hotels.

It looks more like a fresh fish market than a restaurant and in reality, that's exactly what it is.  But they do have a great little kitchen that will prepare the fresh fish you've just selected.  Or a few feet away, they've got a huge steamer that will perfectly cook the live crab or lobster you've picked out.  You pay for your seafood and are given a number.  When your meal is ready, they call out your number and you pick it up and head to the rear of the place and eat on a picnic table out back.  The eating area has the feel of a screened in porch.

This place is nearly always jammed with people.  Even if you're only mildly into seafood it's worth the trip just to check out the wide variety of fish they have on hand.  As a world traveler and seafood nut, often times I see fish there that I've never seen anywhere else in the world.  And it's always great to see all those crabs and lobsters in their tanks waiting to be selected!

Pacific Spiny Lobster - Yum!

If you're into steamed crab, they just about always have huge stocks of live dungeness, rock, and spider crabs in big tanks.  For a slight additional charge, they'll do the wackin' and crackin' for you.  Or--again for a slight charge--you can rent a wooden mallet and pound away yourself.  We're pros and wouldn't think of having someone else crack our crabs other than spider crabs.  They're rock hard and need a little professional coaxing!

Lobster lovers will be able to choose from live New England lobsters (the ones with claws) or live Pacific lobsters (the ones without claws).  True lobster fans might tell you that New England lobsters are the best but there's something to be said for the Pacific beauties, too. Just keep in mind that while the Pacific lobsters look really big, there's not that much meat in the tail section.

If you prefer fish, the restaurant can prepare it for you grilled or fried.  And there are other choices like various seafood salads,  chowders, steamed clams, steamed mussels, etc.

You can also order up a burger here but who would?!!

You'll find several beers on tap and a small selection of wines and wine coolers to go with your meal.

This isn't a cheap place but it's absolutely wonderful if you love fresh fish and live shellfish.  And it's anything but fancy.  It's a fish market with a kitchen and some picnic tables.

If you're staying at a hotel at Los Angeles International Airport, it's a short 15 to 20 minute cab ride and well worth the trip. By the way, we always HQ at the LAX Marriott Hotel. The rooms aren't fancy but the staff is just great and they've got some surprisingly good restaurants.  When we're tired after a long flight over the Pacific these people are always nice to come home to.

Captain Kidd's is located at 209 North Harbor Drive in Redondo Beach.  Their phone number is (310) 372-7703.

They have an excellent web site here  It was down for quite some time but is back up again at last check.  Get set to drool if you're a seafood fan!!!!!


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