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This place is located right off I-95 and Georgia Highway 341 in Brunswick.  Turns out this is a chain and they have five establishments.

This branch is no frills.  It's big, very family oriented and not at all fancy.  It had a nice, comfortable feel to it.

The place has "that look" as if it's been around forever.  Our waitress confirmed that it had been there for a long time.  She had worked there for 13 years and then retired.  She came out of retirement 8 years later and rejoin the staff at Captain Joe's.

Our visit came for lunch on a Monday around noon and there were very few tables occupied.  Not a good sign.

As we were seated, we passed by a salad bar that looked pretty decent.

We each chose a lunch special involving fresh grouper and onion rings.  Plus we each ordered the salad bar.

The salad bar was good but not outstanding.  All the usual suspects to pile on your plate.  But the two soups they offered were outstanding.  One was a creamy shrimp soup with rice and the other was an Asian chicken soup of some sort.  It had a wonderful curry flavor. 

Our main meals arrived and were good and in fact, a little strange.  The batter on the grouper was not at all crispy yet the fish on the inside was scalding hot.  Did the fish flesh steam the batter?  I don't know.  The fish was very tasty.  Was it grouper?  Well I won't go into that.  Most fish down here sold as fresh grouper is something else that comes from Asia.  The onion rings were okay.  The batter was just flour and not well seasoned.

While this place is labeled as a seafood house, it had plenty of other choices on the menu.  Too many, in my opinion. for a seafood house.

All in all this place was decent.  Our waitress was just great!  It's definitely from the old school of restaurantology!

There was one strange and disgusting thing about this place.  When heading to the men's room, I noticed a horrible sewer gas type smell between the men's and women's restrooms.  Ironically each restroom was very nice with no odor.  Something was going on with their system and they need to fix it!

They have a web site here with locations, menus, etc.