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We were delighted to head to this all-you-can-eat seafood buffet because we had tried its sister restaurant in Myrtle Beach and found it to be absolutely wonderful.

While appearing a lot older than its cousin in Myrtle Beach, the place was immaculate inside and the usual mounds of seafood were being attacked by hungry diners.

Very Pleasant Decor

There were six of us on this visit including two four year old food throwers and one baby who had not mastered the technique yet.  Our daughter and son-in-law made a direct beeline to the snow crab legs area.  They probably buzzed through six or seven pounds of them.  While good, they weren't nearly as good as the ones we encountered at the Myrtle Beach branch.  For one thing they were way too salty, in my opinion.  The outside of the legs was practically coated in salt and it was difficult to wrestle the meat out in one chunk.  Isn't it great when you carefully crack them in the middle and the entire leg meat section comes out in one piece?! Yum.  Another thing I didn't like here was the "butter" that was used to dip the crab legs.  It was margarine and didn't taste all that great.

While the crab legs weren't quite as good as the Myrtle Beach branch, the prime rib was a whole lot better.  It was carved in thick slices and you had your choice of getting it medium rare or well done.  Back in Myrtle Beach it came out in thin, way overcooked slices.

This restaurant offers a ton of good seafood including steamed hot shrimp, steamed cold shrimp, fried shrimp, fried scallops, fried fish, baked salmon, seafood imperial, freshly steamed littleneck clams, steamed mussels, various veggies and a tempting salad bar and of course, a dessert table to end the meal.

Of all the area buffets just about everybody will tell you that Captain George's is the place to dine.  As I recall it was about $20 a diner and of course less for the little food flingers.  We highly suggest this place although it is of the beaten path and a fifteen minute drive from the beach area but it's worth finding.

Information on the restaurant, directions, etc., is found on their web site here.