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Based on our experience in Myrtle Beach, this is the Cadillac of calabash style "all you can eat"  seafood buffets.  And there are a ton of these types of restaurants in the area.

This is a huge restaurant that sits just across the street from a whole bunch of other restaurants including the Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood.  We dined here twice during our stay and despite the fact that it was right in the middle of the evening dinner hour each time, there was no waiting.  Other buffets had people waiting up to 90 minutes to get a table!

The moment you enter this giant seafood palace you notice how clean and classy it is.  Polished wood floors and food stations that look like old sailing ships with large masts.

You can start out at the salad bar if you wish.  The salad bar, itself, isn't all that impressive but what awaits you at the other stations is very impressive.

One "raw bar" station features fresh oysters on the half shell, cold boiled "peel and eat" shrimp and other goodies.

Moving down the line to the fried seafood section you'll encounter small shrimp, oysters, clam strips and lightly battered giant sea scallops.  Of all the items on the buffet, the scallops, in my opinion, were the best.  In fact, I'd venture to say they were the best scallops I've ever had in the entire world.  Really!  And we've been to some of the scallop wonders of the world including Digby, Nova Scotia.

Now on a seafood buffet, I realize that these scallops had to have arrived frozen.  But so be it.  They were absolutely giant, of the best quality and fried to perfection.  How they can mass produce such incredible tender, perfectly cooked morsels is beyond me.

Also featured in the fried and hot seafood section are fried fish filets (it tasted like flounder), broiled mahi mahi, and wonderful deviled crab.

A lot of people come to Captain George's (and the many other seafood buffets in Myrtle Beach) for one thing only -- snow crab legs.  Our son-in-law and daughter must have eaten at least 3 pounds each!  And they were good.  Not the small skinny legs but great quality jumbo babies.  And much to my surprise and delight, they actually had Dungeness crab legs---a crab that comes all the way from the Pacific.  Yummy!

They also had excellent steamed clams and they were absolutely fresh and steamed to perfection.  Too much steaming and they turn to  rubber.  These were perfect.  And for my own personal liking, they were the perfect size -- cherrystones.  The same clam when smaller is called a littleneck and there's not much meat in a steamed littleneck.  Along side the steamed clams were steamed New England mussels and green lipped mussels from New Zealand.

There are plenty of hot veggies on the buffet along with some pastas and some very tasty mac and cheese. Meat lovers will find fried chicken and several other items along with "prime rib."  This was the only really disappointing thing about the restaurant.  I don't know about you but when I think about prime rib I envision a nice, thick slab of rare meat.  Here the "prime rib" is more the size of a can of Spam, is cooked to meteorite doneness and isn't worth the trouble, in my opinion.

If you actually have room for desserts, there is a moderate dessert table featuring cheese cake, cakes, and puddings.  Nothing to write home about but you came to Captain George's for the seafood.

Captain George's is definitely worth a visit and it's located 1401 29th Avenue right across the major road from the pyramid shaped Hard Rock Cafe and the shops of "Broadway at the Beach."  They only take reservations for parties of 12 or more.  If you need more specific directions or have questions, their phone number is (843) 916-2278.  They have a web site here.

This is an outstanding restaurant therefore if you have only one night to try one of the many all-you-can-eat seafood buffets, this one should be your choice.