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Folks, this is the real deal.  Wonderful tender baby backs lovingly smoked over real hardwood.  None of that "roast 'em in the oven and drown 'em in barbecue sauce" stuff!

The guy who started this great restaurant is a Cincinnati radio talk show host on The Big One 700 WLW.  His name is Gary Burbank.  You may have also heard his voice on the radio around the nation as the redneck character "Earl Pitts."

Starting out with appetizers, there are many things to tempt your taste buds including something that must be relatively new - fried ribs!  You'll find fried cheese sticks and my favorite, the onion loaf.  This involves fried onion rings in a loaf very similar to what you find at Tony Roma's and Damons.  Plenty of grease but a must order item for most who dine here.

They offer an interesting soup called Burgoo, a highly localized specialty.  It's usually known as Kentucky Burgoo and is a stew loaded with meat and veggies.  I'd say it's an acquired taste but not bad.

Moving on to the star of the show that would be the baby back ribs.  Go ahead and order the full slab.  After all, you've already committed a culinary sin by buzzing through that onion loaf!  The ribs are tender, wonderful, heavenly and the sauce is very nice, too.  They also offer St. Louis style ribs along with steaks, pulled pork, meatloaf, shrimp and even genuine southern fried catfish.  For those who prefer sandwiches, there's a hefty line up for you.

For me, the side dishes are fantastic.  My personal favorite is a sweet potato casserole that has some sort of nuts in it.  It's almost like eating a sweet potato/pecan pie with a hint of maple.  And what would a barbecue joint be without coleslaw? They offer one of the best in town.

Don't ask me about desserts.  I honestly don't know what they offer because I'm always so full at the end of the meal there's positively no room for dessert!  I'm sure they serve up some cobbler or something like that!

Burbanks Real Barbecue is located right off of I-75 near Sharon Road in the northern part of town known as Sharonville.  Technically their address is 11167 Dowlin Road.  If you're northbound on I-75 coming from downtown Cincinnati and miss the Sharon Road exit, you'll see the restaurant on the right side of I-75 as you figure out a way to double back and find dem bones!  Call for directions:  (513) 771-1440. It's just a slight bit tricky until you know the area.  Basically the idea is to exit I-75 at Sharon Road.  Go east a very short distance until you hit the north/southbound service drive.  That's Dowlin Road.  Go north a bit and Burbank's is on the right.

They used to have a couple of other restaurants by the same name but I'm not sure about that now.