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We always dine at the Buena Vista at least once per visit to Nassau.  This is an old and traditional restaurant and you feel the history instantly when you walk up the stairs and are greeted at the door of this legendary place.

This is admittedly a fancy place although you don't have to dress to the nines to be welcomed.  However a tee shirt and cut-offs isn't gonna get you in the door!  Guys are requested to wear at least a sports jacket (although they've allowed me in on more than one occasion with just a button down collar shirt).

The Buena Vista is a very short cab ride from downtown Nassau hotels and it's not much of a hike from Paradise Island hotels, either. It's located on a hill in an older neighborhood of Nassau.  And be sure to make a reservation.  As the evening progresses, this place tends to fill up rather quickly and often times local groups reserve entire rooms for special occasions.

The appetizer list is fairly long and always good.  We usually start with a cup of the Bahamian lobster bisque.  It's extremely flavorful, seemingly light but sinfully rich with cream.

The list of entrees favors seafood and I nearly always order the Grouper a La Bimini.  Grouper is a white flakey fish found in most of the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean.  They prepare it with a rich sauce and it is absolutely wonderful.  Believe it or not they actually serve several game dishes on the menu although we haven't tried them yet. We just can't budge from that grouper dish!

They have a full bar and expensive wine list and for some reason, cocktails served up at the Buena Vista seem better than at most other restaurants and bars. I don't know why but every time I order a Manhattan there, it stands out.

They have a limited number of rich desserts but we usually just get a cup of Irish coffee to finish our splendid meal.

The Buena Vista is located on Delancy street in downtown Nassau.  To make a reservation call the restaurant at (242) 322-2811.  (If you're just going to be spending a couple of days in Nassau we suggest calling and making a reservation before you fly down there just to make sure they have space.  Sometimes they are booked 2 or 3 days ahead depending on the time you wish to dine.)  They used to have a web site but it seems to have disappeared.


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