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When we're in Aruba we always dine here at least once.  It's a family tradition.  This was the first restaurant we tried during our initial visit to the island back in 1986.  And it's still good.

Restaurant's Exterior - Daytime

One bit of advice if you select the Buccaneer for a meal.  Be prepared for a cool experience as in chilly.  They usually have the air conditioners on warp speed inside this dimly lit restaurant which is just fine with me. My my wife usually brings a sweater.  I guess the cool temps combined with the sunburn can trigger the shivers!

From the moment you set foot in the place you'll notice fish.  And I'm not talking about fish mounted on the wall (although they have those, too).  I'm talking about aquariums throughout most of the restaurant including a giant 75-hundred gallon fish tank.  You'll see parrotfish, angels, butterflies, lobster, turtles and much more.  The kids love it!

Bright At Night!

I usually start out my meal with a cup of lobster bisque.  They do it quite well at Buccaneer although I may have noticed a scrap of krab (as in artificial crab meat) during our last visit.  It was still good.  My wife often (for some strange reason I haven't been able to figure out) often starts out her meal here with a fresh fruit cup.  We always order a couple of orders of garlic bread for the table here when we have the whole gang together.  It's outstanding.

Drinks are served in well chilled pewter mugs.  They have a decent wine list and an affordable house wine by the carafe or half carafe.

I always order the seafood platter for my main course.  It comes a nicely done seafood thermidor, a fillet of fresh fish (usually barracuda), and shrimp.  Sides include some plantain bananas which have been colored red and a wonderful veggie that I can't put my finger on.  It seems like a creamed cabbage.  Whatever it is, it's great. 

They usually have wahoo on the menu. The wahoo is like a big barracuda on steroids.  And they taste quite good, too.  While the chefs at Buccaneer know what they're doing and feature barracuda most evenings as the fresh fish of the day, you've got to know what you're doing when serving barracuda.  They can be toxic because they eat smaller fish that feed on reefs and harbor high concentrations of toxins.  Ciguatera fish poisoning is no fun.  It makes your system sense heat when it's cold and vice-versa.  The trick to finding safe 'cudas is to know the local area and then select one no bigger than your arm (from your fingers to your elbow).  They're fine and very tasty.

Every now and then we'll order a rich dessert but we're usually too stuffed for dessert.

This is a good and reliable restaurant that has stood the test of time.  Prices are reasonable, servers are friendly, the kids will love all the fish tanks and it's very close to high rise hotels on Palm Beach.

Buccaneer is located at Gasparito 11-C and their phone number is (297) 866172.  Their web site has vanished but a take-out menu appears here to give you an idea of prices, etc.


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