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Note:  Wonderful news. This great restaurant was destroyed by fire on October 3rd, 2003.  However, we recently got an e-mail from the operators of this establishment informing us that it had re-opened bigger and better than ever on November 13th, 2005.  We wish the owners all the best and we highly encourage you to dine at Brown Sugar on your next visit to Barbados!

The following was our original review:

This is a very popular restaurant located at Aquatic Gap in St. Michael.  It is especially convenient for those staying at the Grand Barbados Resort or Hilton Hotel.  But even if you're staying elsewhere on the island, it's well worth the taxi fare.

Brown Sugar is loaded with greenery inside and you kind of get the feeling that you are dining in a tropical garden of sorts.  It's most pleasant.

We sampled the luncheon buffet and enjoyed dinner here several times.  The buffet, by the way, is extremely popular among Bajan businessmen and women.

When in Barbados you've got to try flying fish, the national dish.  For those used to succulent cod or halibut in the U.S. you may find flying fish a bit on the scrawny side.  But it's tasty.  The flying fish gets its name because it has wing like fins that enables it to leap out of the water and sail through the air for surprisingly long distances.  Sometimes they even land in small fishing boats, especially at night. If you'd like to learn more about the flying fish, click here.

For dinner we started off with a small salad.  That was followed by various appetizers.  My wife tried the Caribbean pepperpot stew.  I enjoyed the stuffed crabback.  For my main course I had, what else, the breaded flying fish!  My wife enjoyed some sort of Caribbean pork dish (well seasoned) and our kids enjoyed some succulent fried shrimp.

The buffet was excellent during lunch time and fairly reasonable in price.  There was a nice selection of salads, flying fish prepared in several different ways, chicken, lamb and a huge dessert dilemma.

Enjoy your meal at Brown Sugar!  At night you'll be serenaded by the local band consisting of zillions of tree frogs just outside the restaurant and found all over the island.

PS-If, for some reason, you failed to try flying fish during your stay it's still not too late as you head to the airport!  They sell flying fish "to go" packed in ice at the airport.

The newly built restaurant hopes to have a new web site up soon.  We'll post it when we get it.

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