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Now Only A Memory

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the passing of this one great little spot right on the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

Front View - Parking To The Left

We first dined here in 1986 when it looked like the picture below.  It was a simple place with an extremely nice woman owner who would greet everybody with a warm smile as they were being seated.

The old Brisis del Mar had a huge wall full of business cards.  I had four up there:  WHYT-Detroit, WJR-Detroit, WFLA-Tampa and WYCD-Detroit.

You used to find some local Aruban specialties like keri-keri on the menu.  That's more or less minced fish.  And pan bati, a cornbread type side dish. Often times they featured baby shark and special Aruban seafood dishes.  And while it was never on the menu when asked, they were always accommodating in making me up a batch of cracked conch, my all time favorite.

Small Dining Room Inside & Patio Seating

I think more local Arubans dined here than tourists partly because it was a pretty good drive from Palm Beach and Eagle Beach and somewhat hard to find unless you knew where you were going.  Locals gathered for happy hour in the little bar next to the dinning room. Taking a peak back in the kitchen what appeared to be a squad of local ladies did all the cooking but later that would change.

While the restaurant was still in it's original state changes began to occur.  Instead of the local ladies cooking up a storm in the kitchen I was shocked to see some dude with an official mile high chef hat on his head.  The menu got fancy and more expensive.  We knew that it was the beginning of the end.

Somebody new apparently bought the place and did some remodeling, really fancied up the menu and tried to turn it into a more upscale restaurant.  We never dined there under that configuration and I'm glad we didn't.  I want to remember the old Brisas del Mar with the open rear, wonderful sunsets and little spray crabs climbing around the wet end of the sea wall.

The exterior of this little bar and restaurant is rather odd looking but once inside, you'll be treated to a traditional down home Aruban meal.  Or at least that used to be the case. 

I'm not sure what finally brought the end to this place.  Maybe business slumped.  Maybe the new owner got greedy and decided to sell it.  Either way it's long gone now and replaced with condos.

Ruins Of Brisas del Mar

Somebody snapped a picture of the "bones" of the little restaurant before it was totally torn down and replaced by condos.

RIP Brisas del Mar.  What a great little spot you used to be!



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