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During a sightseeing visit one Saturday afternoon we passed by this place, right on the water, and decided to drop in for lunch.

The view right outside of the restaurant of the Atlantic was fantastic!

Pretty View Of The Atlantic Ocean And This Shot Doesn't Do It Justice

There were probably only 6 or 8 tables occupied, if that.  And the minimal wait staff was still overworked and therefore the service was slow.

Dine Inside

Or Outside

We checked out the extremely limited lunch menu printed on regular paper and made our choices.  We ordered a batch of onion rings as a starter and my wife ordered a crab cake sandwich on an English muffin (I think it was a muffin, anyway, it was kind of hard to tell) and I ordered a fish sandwich.

Our overworked and somewhat inefficient waitress stopped by briefly and told us that our lunches would be right out.  We had to mention that she had forgotten to bring the onion rings.  They came right out and so did the main courses.  I hate it when the appetizers are followed seconds later by the main course.

My wife seemed to enjoy her crab cake sandwich although it didn't look too appetizing to me.  The crab meat, for one thing, appeared to have come from a can.  My fish sandwich, on the other hand, was very tasty.  Probably not fresh but it tasted great. It came on a long hogey type bun and they had obviously buttered it and grilled it for a nice touch.  Each lunch came with battered French fries and they were great.

Other choices on the menu included a Blackbeard's seafood salad, burgers, and some fried seafood platters.  In fact I might try a seafood platter next time  because they looked pretty good passing by on the way to other tables!  I can only imagine that they have a much bigger menu for the dinner crowd.  The lunch menu was one of the smallest I've ever seen.

As far as I can tell, they don't have a web site.  Reviewers on TripAdvisor.com didn't speak very highly of it. 

Blackbeard's is located on the main loop around the island right at the ocean's edge at 200 N. Beachview Drive.  Phone (912) 635-3522.

One funny thing about our experience here.  The man who greeted us at the door and showed us to our table said:  "And folks your server will be Ophelia and she'll be right with you."  Her name tag said "Marilou."  We heard him tell several other diners that Ophelia would be serving them, too!  Crazy, eh?