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This is a place frequented by Detroiters for their famous all-u-can-eat, family style, chicken dinners.  It's a pleasant hour and a half drive north of Motown. They have a sister restaurant right across the street called Zehnder's, owned by the same people.  The menus are just about identical although the items they start you with are slightly different.  At Zehnder's, for instance, they serve a pate and bread.  You don't get it at the Bavarian Inn.  Zehnder's appears to be older and smaller than the Bavarian Inn.

The Front Entrance To The Vast Bavarian Inn

Okay, now down to the heavy eating.  Your meal begins with some bread and butter, cottage cheese, chicken salad and some sort of sweet red stuff.  Next comes a big platter of fried chicken including dark and white meat although you can get all white meat for an additional charge.  Along with the chicken comes mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing (dressing), hot buttered egg noodles and green beans.

Yeah - The Servers Dress Up In German Costumes

Once you've finished your meal, you have a choice of ice cream for dessert.

Is the chicken stellar here?  Absolutely not.  It's not bad, just not the best you've ever had.  You come here for the tradition and on a winter weekend when it's not snowing, it's a pleasant drive north of the Detroit area just off I-75.

The Bavarian Inn's Sister Restaurant Just Across The Street

Before or after your meal, you can meander around this German themed town.  They have little country stores, fudge outlets, sausage shops, etc.  Everybody loves going here.  And here's a tip.  Check out the Bavarian Inn's web site online.  They often offer coupons.  And be sure to make a reservation, especially for big parties and especially on weekends.  During the summer, this place gets really jam packed and parking is hard to find on Saturdays and Sundays around noon.

You can stay at the Bavarian Inn Hotel (located not far from the restaurant) and they have a nice water park for the kids and several indoor pools.  Many love to visit Bronner's, a Christmas fantasyland all year long.

For more details on the Bavarian Inn, check out their web site here.  Bronner's has a web site here.  And for more on Frankenmuth, they have a web site here.  Go ahead and make the trip with your family if you're in the area.  You'll enjoy the experience.