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A nightly special on a marquee caught our attention on a Friday evening around 5 as we motored by the place which is right on the border with Daytona Beach. It trumpeted:  "All You Can Eat Snow Crab Legs $21.99."   While we weren't in the mood for a snow crab feast, it did draw our attention to the place so we decided to give it a go.

They're located right off the beach and before or after your dinner there, you can take a stroll down the beach.

The staff couldn't have been any nicer and the choices were vast.  There was a main menu with plenty of selections and a special menu with nightly features.

After looking the thing over, we decided to start out with an order of artichoke crab dip.  It was delicious and loaded with cheese, crab and artichoke and served with French loaf toasted bread rounds.

In lieu of salads we each started with a cup of clam chowder, included with the price.  Good!  Nice and clammy with seemingly fresh veggies.  But it was a bit on the salty side.

For my main, I ordered a nightly special of three types of fresh fish cooked in one several different ways. I chose to have mine blackened.  It came with wahoo, salmon and mahi mahi.  It was a good size portion---4 ounces each.  Only they screwed mine up a bit.  I got two pieces of salmon and one piece of wahoo.  No mahi mahi in sight although I didn't say anything.  My wife got an early bird special of six fried shrimp.

My blackened fish was fresh but the crust was way too think and way too overpowering.  And it was more Asian in flavor than traditional blackening. Not bad just not to my taste.  My wife's shrimp looked a big like jumbo "Mrs. Paul's" but she said they were really good and that the batter was excellent.

They featured several special happy hour drinks and I got a 20 ounce beer only to find out that they were two for one when two arrived at the table!  No problem -- my wife was driving.

The atmosphere was so nice and the people so pleasant that we tried the place for a second night.  This time we ordered the prime rib special.  Actually my wife got the early bird 8 ounce prime rib and I got the 16 ounce regular dinner.  We each got garlic mashed potatoes on the side.  And by the way, they give you a lot of food here.  Each main course comes with your choice of an unlimited salad bar, regular salad delivered to the table, or a cup of clam chowder.

Since we had gotten chowder on our first visit, I opted for a Caesar salad on this second go round and my wife went with a regular salad brought to the table.  The Caesar was okay but the dressing was a little thick for my taste and lacked garlic.  Definitely not your traditional Caesar.

The prime rib was okay.  It was cooked rare, which is rare in our experience.  But it was flavorless and quite tough.  The whole table shook when we sawed through it.  Not horrible just not the tender, dream cut of beef you hope for.  Again, thanks to a nightly drink special, we got a nice bottle of wine for just ten bucks!

Overall, our two dinners here were nice.  I think next time we're in town we'll keep ordering other things until we find something that's really good.  The place is packed with locals so I know they are doing something well. 

I couldn't find a web site for them.  But they are located at 868 South Atlantic Avenue.  Technically they're located in Ormond Beach but it was just down the street from our hotel in Daytona Beach.  They do take reservations and you can ring them up at (386) 673-1070.