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On this visit to the fabulous city of Toronto we were staying at the Marriott Eaton Centre and asked the concierge for a recommendation on good restaurants in the neighborhood.  She, without hesitation, told us that the best Thai restaurant in town was just a short walk away.  So we made reservations for that night.  Turns out that short walk was a little more than interesting.

This was early in January and a big snow storm was approaching.  By the time we hiked over to the restaurant a blizzard was literally raging.  The bad news?  Very heavy snow was falling.  The good news?  The wind was blowing so briskly that most of it was sailing off the roadways and drifting up next to buildings.  But back to the Bangkok Garden!

The decor of this restaurant is nothing short of beautiful.  A ton of teak everywhere you look. They even have a little stream running through the place.  You can literally smell the freshness of the water almost like you were next to a real creek.  I felt bad because when we opened the door to come into the restaurant a ton of snow blew in with us.  But the staff was there to constantly mop it up as diners entered.

Beautiful Interior - Borrowed From Their Web Site
Our Camera Froze Up The Night We We Were There!

The menu is quite good and we started out with some warm tea to help thaw us out from the walk over there.  Then we all ordered a different appetizer.  In fact we ordered several from spring rolls to sate to savory soup.  They were all excellent.

For the main course I had a rice noodle dish with shrimp, chicken and other goodies mixed in.  My wife had the cashew chicken.  Our daughter had a seafood noodle dish and her husband, who loves heat in his food, was brave and ordered the chili seafood stir fry.  Each dish was outstanding and the chili seafood stir fry caused sweat to form on our son-in-law's brow!  Perfect for his taste!

The wait staff at this restaurant couldn't have been any nicer.  They helped us on with our coats and then it was back out into the blizzard for the short sprint back to the Marriott Eaton Centre Hotel.  The wind was literally howling so hard it was hard to stand up on the ice!

We highly recommend Bangkok Garden to you.  They're located at 18 Elm Street in the heart of the city.  They do take reservations and unless there's a snowstorm raging, you'd be wise to call ahead.  And while I haven't tried their luncheon buffet, some friends have raved about it.

For reservations, it's (416) 977-6748 or 1-877-279-3766.

Check out the restaurant's web site here.


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