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This is said to be one of the finest seafood emporiums in all of Madrid.  We called and made a reservation at 8:30, the time when they open.  Because Spaniards eat so late (they usually don't even think about going out to dinner until 9:30 or 10pm) we were one of only four other dining groups at that early hour.

Prior to entering the restaurant we paused to stare at the great selection of fresh seafood sitting on a bed of ice in the window.  Of particular appeal to me, anyway, were several colossal sized dark red prawns (shrimp).  They were probably six or seven inches long.  I knew I had to have some once inside the place!

We walked down a flight of steps upon entering the restaurant.  The decor was rather sterile looking with plain walls and a few fish and crab metal sculptures on the walls.  Our waiter was rather stiff and uppity and that set the scene for our meal.

We looked the menu over and I started with two of those big shrimp I had seen in the window. They were called great red shrimp.  My wife ordered fish balls to start.  They consisted of mashed potatoes with bits of fish, coated in bread crumbs and deep fried.  My shrimp were disappointing.  First of all they were grilled and came to the table just and I mean just barely cooked through.  Most of the weight was in the heads of these babies and the tail meat was a lot less than I had expected.  At 16 Euros each (nearly $22 U.S. each) I would never order them again.  Like all the shellfish and most of the fish we've tried in Spain, they didn't have much flavor.  My wife's fish balls, on the other hand, were great.  And there were a lot of them.

For our main courses, my wife had hake in a green sauce and it was okay.  I chose sea bass in a garlic sauce and it was okay.  Not a whole lot of flavor.

We passed on desserts and summoned our uppity waiter for the check.

While this wasn't a bad meal, this surely cannot be the best seafood restaurant in Madrid.  Then again a few years ago I said the same thing about a restaurant that was supposedly the best paella house in Madrid.  The seafood in the paella wasn't very flavorful.

For more information on this restaurant, they have a web site here.


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