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On a visit to this charming and historical little town we were hungry for an early dinner.  We had not prepared in advance by checking any restaurants out on line but this one looked good.  And at 4 in the afternoon on a Friday, there were already several tables occupied by locals.

We were told to sit anywhere and grabbed a table near the window to watch the few tourists who were in town that day walking by.

Apalachicola is world famous for oysters.  And a friendly chap sitting at a table next to ours asked if we had eaten here before.  When we responded "no" he said we simply must try the oysters in any form.

Before we even put our order in, his food came.  It looked like a nice platter of fried oysters.  Every time he bit into one he groaned:  "Umm...." as in good.

My wife and I checked the lengthy menu and our waitress walked us through each page explaining that everything was absolutely fresh other than possibly the flounder.  She explained that they sometimes have to have it shipped in flash frozen.

We chose to start off with an appetizer of onion rings, something we don't usually do.  But I'm glad we did here.  They were crisply battered and delicious.

For my wife's main course, she got a fried shrimp basket.  I choose the seafood platter basket.  I asked what the difference was between a "dinner" and "basket" and our server said the seafood portion was the same for each.  The dinner included a salad and choice of sides.  The basket, served on a plate and not in a basket, came with choice of either French fries or baked potato salad with sour cream and bacon.

My wife said her shrimp (10 or 12 of them) were very good although perhaps just slightly undercooked.  My seafood platter basket came with three shrimp---two of them were large and one was absolutely jumbo, three plump but not large oysters, a dozen tiny bay scallops and two filets of fresh fish about 4 ounces each.

(Front) Fried Shrimp "Basket" (Rear) Fried Seafood Platter "Basket"

The batter on all the fried seafood was very light.  It barely stuck to the seafood.  My shrimp were perfectly cooked, the oysters were a little underdone (which isn't bad since I like 'em raw, too) but one of them had that "not so fresh feeling."  I think it was starting to go but it slipped down the hatch before I could stop it.  The scallops were good but average.  The real star on my plate were the fish filets.  I'm sure they were grouper and cooked to absolute perfection.  And they used a different batter on the fish, it actually stuck like it was suppose to.

Overall a pleasant experience and I really think they strived to actually serve fresh seafood which is somewhat unusual these days.  The batter could have been better, a little thicker.  Much of it fell off as we stabbed it with the fork.

One menu item is "The World's Largest Fish Sandwich."  Maybe we'll try that next time we're in town.

No web site for this place but it's right, smack, dab in the middle of this tiny town at 100 Market Street.  You can't miss it.  Really!  For more information their phone number is (850) 653-9510.