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This Boston institution enjoys a unique reputation.  Everybody agrees that it is a tourist trap but everybody also agrees that it's a great restaurant!

It's located across the harbor from Boston's Logan Airport and offers an interesting airport view.  

This restaurant, I am told, is one of busiest in the nation.  And yes, it specializes in seafood, of course!

You'll find some of the best scrod in town at Anthony's. It's fresh from the waters of Georges Bank.  And they come around with little popovers that are just sensational.  Extremely hard to resist!

As ships cruise by, they ring a bell and yell out the name of the ship and sometimes give a description of where it's coming from or going to.

Lobsters are brought in from Anthony's own lobster boats and they are sensational.  If you're really hungry for lobster and have a bank account the size of Ft. Knox, you can choose a four pounder or even bigger, depending on what they've got swimming around in the tanks.

They always have a great selection of local and international fish and you can have your fish prepared in a number of different ways.  And naturally, they serve up some great cuts of meat for landlubbers.  USDA Prime, of course!

If you still have room for desserts, they've got everything from typical ice creams to puddings to creme brulee.

If you go there, plan on this being one of your "big nights out" in Boston.  If you order the scrod you won't ding your bank account too badly.  If you order the 4 pound lobster and a nice bottle of wine (they have an excellent wine list), you may need to refinance your house!

Anthony's Pier 4 is located at 140 Northern Avenue in Boston.  Their phone number is (617) 482-6262.  Reservations are suggested.  You can check out Anthony's at their web site here

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