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These folks advertised in a local publication and it looked enticing.  Right on the water's edge at an ancient marina, etc.  We asked some locals about it and they recommended it.

Our cab dropped us off right at the door.  It's about a ten minute ride from the coastal town of Ayr where we were staying.  We immediately started checking out the sea views and wandered around behind the restaurant complex before going inside.  Low and behold there was a pretty big, dilapidated castle out back.  I wish I knew something about it.  I should have asked our waiter.

Once seated inside, our first impression was a little "iffy."  For one thing, we were only one of two couples dining there at that early hour (we made reservations for 6:30).  And the one and only visible member of the staff was a real "nervous Nelly."  He nearly ran between the two tables doing everything.  He even had a little sweat on his brow.  Now I'm figuring that if not many people dine here, the food can't be anything to write home about.  But boy was I wrong!  As the Brits would say:  "We were gobsmacked by just how good this place was!"

Our nervous waiter explained the nightly special which was fresh crab in this case.  I ordered a bottle of wine and quipped:  "Boy, they've really got you working up a sweat tonight."  To that he replied that a couple of other waiters had called in sick at the last minute thus putting extra pressure on him.

Okay -- now down to the grub.  I started out with a goat cheese bruschetta and it was perfect.  My wife ordered a Spanish mackerel tart and it was excellent, too.  It was a little smoked fish with various flavorings.

For our main courses, I chose the duck breast in a red wine sauce.  It was cooked to perfection still slightly pink in the middle.  Isn't it weird how chicken must be cooked thoroughly while duck can be eaten medium or even rare!   It has been explained to me how that could happen but I always forget.

My wife enjoyed a steak and ale pie for her main course and loved it.  She had something for dessert although we can't remember what it was.  I'm sure it was good, though!

This is a great little place with surprisingly good food and a great view.  I'd suggest that you have the cab drop you off a few minutes prior to your reservation so you can check out the pretty scenery.  Sunsets can be beautiful here.

They don't have a web site but there is some information about the restaurant here including the street address, phone number and an e-mail address to contact them.


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