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This is the place where the famous pasta dish was created in Rome.  Is it a tourist trap?  Sure it is!  Is it kind of gimmicky?  Of course.  Is it good?  A resounding yes.

When you think of Italian restaurants you might conjure up an image of a darkly lit little place with red checkered tablecloths.  That's not the case with Alfredo's.  It's a big place with a lot of white colors and it's anything but dark.

Our waiter explained that the first batch of Fettuccine Alfredo was served up in 1914 by the original Alfredo.  His son later took over the operation and now his son's son "Alfredo the third" runs the Roman restaurant.

The walls of this large restaurant are littered with pictures of famous people who have dined there including President John F. Kennedy who had a rather odd looking expression on his face when the photo was snapped.

You'd be nuts to start out with anything other than Fettuccine Alfredo.  After all, that's what you came here for and it's only offered as a first course.  It's quite simple.  Warm noodles, lots of parmesan cheese, and lots of butter.  Toss it all around and the dish is complete.

There It Is - The Star Of The Show.  Very Plain & Simple!

I had a steak for the main course and my wife had chicken.  Both were very good.  Interestingly, the house wine is Alfredo's own brand with a picture of Alfredo number three on the label!

Mid way through our dinner Alfredo the Third came into the restaurant walking with a slight limp.  He made it a point to stop by each and every table to meet and greet diners.  Many posed for pictures.  I must say, however, that when he came to our table it was a superficial "hello" from our rotund host at best.  But then again, he did make the effort and no doubt he has shaken hundreds of thousands of hands over the years.

Click here to see the actual menu from our visit. Click here to visit the Alfredo web site.


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