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Our visit here came on a Saturday afternoon around 1:45.  As we entered the restaurant there were just three other tables occupied as it was past the lunch crowd.

The restaurant had a modern, upscale decor but wasn't the least bit stuffy or snobby.  We were immediately seated and our drink orders taken.

The menu offered to us was their luncheon menu and had limited items, mainly sandwiches, salads and soups.  After looking it over my wife decided on the Atlantic salmon.  I went with a cup of clam chowder as a starter (or so I thought it would be a cup) and a seafood melt for my main course.

When the chowder arrived it blew my mind. For $7 I was expecting a cup.  Instead it was the biggest bowl of chowder I've ever seen.  Too much even for lunch alone so I conned my wife into sharing some.  Still we couldn't eat but about three-fourths of it.  The chowder was New England style (creamy) and thick with potatoes, tomatoes, and apparently clams.  I say apparently because there was no clam flavor at all.  The whole dish was insanely over powered by tarragon.

When our main courses arrived, once again it was a lot more food than we were expecting.  My wife's salmon was probably at least a 10 ounce portion cooked perfectly served over rice with broccoli and zucchini.  My seafood melt allegedly consisted of shrimp, crab and lobster in a cheesy sauce over an artisan bread.

While the seafood melt was tasty, again it was absolutely overpowered by tarragon seasoning.  It was also a huge portion.  This chef must have a tarragon fetish!  As for the seafood it was hard to find any.  I did manage to locate two micro sized shrimp.  They were literally no bigger than a dime, if that.  I also noticed little white "sheets" of something.  Probably thinly sliced artificial krab.  As for the lobster, who knows?  My dish also came with a choice of soup, salad or fries. I chose a salad and it was served on the same plate as my seafood melt which I don't care for.  I prefer my salad on a separate plate.

I would imagine this place would attract a heavy duty bar bar crowd.  Plus it's located directly across the street from the Hiawatha Horse Track so that probably funnels a good amount of patrons through the door of this restaurant.

Would we return here?  Maybe.  The place has an interesting feel to it and I'd like to give it another try.  But I hope this time somebody will hide the tarragon from the chef so I can taste the real flavor of the good.

Complete details on this eatery at their website here.