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This place is apparently known for it's all-u-can-eat snow crab legs and it's one of the few places around here that features them all the time and not just one or two nights of the week.

On this visit, however, we weren't that hungry.  We just popped in for a late lunch Sunday afternoon and the place wasn't full but it had quite a few diners.

We started out with an order of fried pot stickers.  They were a little scary looking because they looked like they had just come out of the freezer and thrown in the hot grease.  But you know what?  They tasted very good and they came with a little interesting dipping sauce and a classless plastic packet of soy sauce!  My wife and I both agreed that no matter where they came from in the kitchen, they were flavorful and good.

For our main courses we each opted for the Charlie Horse signature Caesar salad with sirloin steak.  The waitress asked us how we liked our steak cooked and we responded very rare and amazingly, that's exactly how it came out.  Nowadays you have to stress several times that you want it very rare and even then it usually comes out medium.  I always tell the waitress:  "Save yourself the time and trouble of taking the steak back to the kitchen if it's overcooked.  If it comes to the table raw, that's perfectly okay.  If it comes to the table medium, that's not okay!"

The first thing my wife said when she bit into the steak was:  "Wow, that's really good. We'll have to come back and order a steak here sometime."  Indeed!

The salads were pretty good size and I'd say we each got at least 5 or 6 ounces of steak carved into four long, skinny pieces.  The romaine lettuce was fresh and crunchy.  The croutons were small and cold.  They should be kept on the side at the last minute added to the salad for crispness.  Sadly, the dressing on these wasn't even close to the real thing.  There wasn't even a  hint of garlic and the dressing tasted like it was a limeade concoction.  Too bad because the steak was so damned good.

We saw other dishes coming out of the kitchen and they looked very good --- burgers, onion rings, fish sandwiches, etc.  This is not an upscale gourmet type of place but they do turn out some good food.  Beer prices are excellent, too, and they have a number of beers on tap served by the pint.

Someday we'll return and go for some of those all-u-can-eat snow crab legs.  Maybe when our kids are with us.  They can go through several pounds in one setting!

Check out the menu and I'm sure you'll find something you like.  Lots of steaks, chicken, ribs, pastas, sandwiches, etc.  And prices are pretty good.

They have a web site here with menu, directions, etc.